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Two Unique Ways To Honor Your Loved One’s Ashes During A Cremation Service

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Oftentimes, cremation services are simply held with an urn of the deceased’s ashes situated nicely at the front of the room. While there is nothing wrong with this format, it is not the only way to hold a cremation service. If you’re looking for a more unique way to honor your loved one’s life, consider these other possibilities. Presenting Ash Pendants to the Family Members If your loved one is leaving behind a lot of family members, this idea will ensure they all get to play a role in the cremation service. Have pendant necklaces made for each family member. They should all contain a small portion of the deceased’s ashes. The officiant can present the ash pendants to the family members one at a time during the service. After accepting his or her pendant, each family member can say a few words about the deceased and their relationship over the years. This cremation service format can be very emotional, but it is a great choice if there are many family members who want the opportunity to speak and share their thoughts about the deceased. It also ensures that everyone has a physical reminder of their loved one — in the ashes — which can help dissuade arguments regarding what to do with the ashes. Hold the Service at the Site Where the Ashes Will Be Scattered Traditionally, if the deceased wanted his or her ashes scattered somewhere specific, or if the family has decided to scatter them at a certain site, this is done after the formal cremation service. However, you can certainly veer away from tradition and arrange a ceremony that serves both as the cremation service and an ash-scattering ceremony. This works best, of course, if the ashes are to be scattered somewhere local. You could hold the type of service your deceased would have preferred, and then at the end of the service, have each family member come up to the urn, take a portion of the ashes, and scatter them about. If you wish, you could ask that each person say a few words about the deceased as the ashes are scattered. Some may be too emotional to speak, and that’s okay. Once again, this idea allows multiple family members to participate in the distribution of the ashes, which can help prevent arguments. When planning a cremation service, remember that while following the traditional format is fine, there’s no reason you cannot do something different. Think about what your deceased loved one would have preferred, and let that guide you in your planning. For professional cremation services, contact a company such as Duchynski-Cherko Funeral...

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3 Reasons To Consider Adoption When You Have An Unplanned Pregnancy

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If you are currently experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, it is an excellent idea for you to consider adoption. The process of adoption will allow you to find a loving home for your child, if you are unable to care for them yourself. Once you have found an adoption agency to work with, they will help you each and every step of the way. You can come to them with all of your questions and concerns about your unborn child and their future, and they will answer all of your questions to the best of their ability. This article will discuss 3 reasons to consider adoption when you have an unplanned pregnancy.  You Can Choose Your Child’s Adoptive Parents One of the greatest things about the adoption process is that you are the one who chooses the parents and the family that your child will be adopted into. You can look at several different families extensively, and you can interview with them in person multiple times. This will help you to get a feel for what this family is like, and you can see if you feel like they will be a good adoptive family for your unborn child. Having this control will allow you to feel like you are doing the best that you can to give your unborn child every possible experience for a happy life. All Medical Bills Will Be Taken Care Of If you know that there is no way that you will be able to pay all of your medical bills related to your pregnancy and delivery, then adoption can also receive this stress for you. The adoptive parents will be responsible for your doctor’s visits, as well as for your delivery and hospital stay. Knowing that you aren’t going to have to stress each month to pay all of your medical bills will likely help you to feel more comfortable and at peace during your pregnancy, which may help you to reduce stress-related pregnancy complications.  You Have The Option Of Having An Open Adoption If you can’t stand the thought of never seeing your child again, then you can request an open adoption. This is an adoption that will allow you to still see pictures of your child as they get older, as well as visit them on occasion. Being able to see your child, and know that they are doing well, will help you to feel better about your decision to have them adopted by a family that truly loves them.  To learn more about the adoption process, contact a service like Hope’s...

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Tips For Preparing Your Child For The Arrival Of An Adopted Child In The Home

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Adoption is typically a decision that parents make amongst themselves. Typically, adults don’t make the announcement that they plan to bring another child into the home until they have made a firm decision and started the process. However, it’s important that you prepare your child well in advance if your family plans to adopt. This is especially true for young children. Your existing children will play a significant role in the new child’s life. Ensuring that they are prepared for the new child’s arrival is important. Reassure Depending on the age of your child, they could view adoption negatively. Your child might be under the impression that you want to adopt another child because they aren’t good enough. It’s important that you reassure your child that they are just fine the way they are. Affirm your love, make compliments and ensure they understand that they aren’t being replaced. Inform your child that the new child isn’t being brought into your family as a replacement, but rather an addition. The more you reassure your child, the more smooth the transition will be. Include your Child Instead of waiting until the very last minute to inform your child of a pending adoption, bring them along and include them in the process. Children are often better equipped to deal with change when they feel like they have been included. For example, as part of the adoption process you will likely have a home study completed. Allow your child to be a part of this process. Explain to them that someone is coming into your home to make sure it’s safe and secure for the new child. You can also use this as an opportunity to allow your child to ask any questions they might have about the process. Delegate Responsibility Another way to help with the transition is to give your child a sense of responsibility for the new child. Let them know that they will have to play the role of sister or brother and that they are responsible for making their new sibling feel at home. For example, if the child will share a room with them, make them responsible for helping the new child put away their things and get comfortable in the room. While you don’t have to force a relationship right away, make certain your child understands that it is their responsibility to make the child feel welcomed. Preparing your child for the arrival of an adopted child through an agency like the one found at won’t just make the transition easier for your child, but the entire...

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How Relatonship Counseling Can Help Your Troubled Relationship

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Even the best of relationships can experience difficulties. Whether you feel as though you and your partner have simply grown apart over the years or are dealing with some serious issues that you cannot agree on, it is possible to repair your troubled relationship as long as both partners are willing to commit to the process. In many cases, the use of relationship counseling can help you to get through this process successfully. Below you will learn more about the many ways in which a qualified therapist or relationship coach can help you to save your rocky romance. Learn to Make Assertive Statements Rather than Accusatory Ones When you disagree with your partner or are upset about something they did, do you share your feelings in an effective manner or simply accuse your partner of wrong doing? While you may think that you are communicating your feelings effectively, the truth is, your choice of wording may actually leave your partner feeling as though they are under attack. When this happens, your partner will naturally become defensive and an argument will surely follow. Suddenly, what started out as a misunderstanding or minor disagreement will have turned into a potential relationship-ending crisis. This is why it is so important to make assertive statements that clearly relay your feelings without resorting to accusatory statements. For instance, rather than saying, “I wouldn’t yell all the time if you would listen to what I say,” you could try telling them, “I feel as though I’m only heard when I raise my voice.” While both statements make the same basic point, the reaction they receive will be quite different. With the help of a relationship coach, you will be able to learn how to use this type of effective communication to work through the problems that are causing trouble in your relationship without starting a fight in the process. Learn to Quit Avoiding Confrontation Another very common relationship problem is constant avoidance. Rather than risk arguing with one another, both individuals simply pull further and further away from one another each time something goes wrong in the relationship. The problem is, while you may never fight over day-to-day problems, the emotions that those problems bring to the surface will never really go away until the problem is addressed. In essence, this avoidance will turn your relationship into a ticking emotional time bomb just waiting to explode. When you and your partner choose to attend couples counseling, you can learn how to let go of the problems that occurred in the past and address current problems head on rather than avoiding them. This is done by creating a safe place in the relationship for both individuals to share their feelings without fear of judgement or retaliation. You can learn more about relationship coaching by talking with a coach such as Dr. Jessica...

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Improve Your Child’s Behavior With Therapy

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Does your young child have a difficult time dealing with emotions? Instead of talking about his or her feelings, you may have noticed that your little one starts acting out. If you have concerns about the behavior your child is exhibiting, you may want to consider taking him or her to a child therapist. A therapist will show your child different ways to express their feelings without resorting to anger, tantrums, and bad behavior. How Therapy Can Help Improve Your Child’s Behavior A place like Options Family & Behavior Services can use several techniques to help your child open up, discover why he or she feels a certain way about different situations, and learn to cope with those situations in a healthy manner. These are just a couple of things that may occur during the therapy sessions: Creative Activities on Feelings and Reactions A therapist may try to get your child to understand the way he or she feels and reacts to things by offering fun activities that make the therapy process more relaxing.  For instance, your child may be instructed to draw or paint a picture about how they feel. This kind of exercise not only gives the therapist an idea of what the child is feeling, but they can use it as an instructional tool to help the child identify what they are feeling. For instance, the therapist may then have him or her draw a tree with large leaves on it, then have them write one emotion they tend to experience throughout the day on each leaf. Some of the leaves may have positive emotions, such as happiness and excitement, while others may have negative emotions on them, such as anger. By creating this piece of artwork, your child will be able to recognize what he or she is feeling. The therapist may then ask your child what happened during the day to make them feel each emotion. For example, your child may say that he or she felt angry because you didn’t let them have candy before dinner. When the therapist is aware of how your child feels about certain situations, it’ll be easier for the therapist to help him or her work on improving their reactions to those situations. Positive Solutions to Problems The therapist may have your child write a list of problems they have. Some of the problems may include: Feeling misunderstood at home Feeling like an outcast at school Feeling nervous and anxious around new people Feeling angry when things don’t go right After jotting down some of the problems they seem to deal with most often, the therapist can offer some suggestions for each. These are a few examples of suggestions the therapist may offer: Schedule a family meeting at the dinner table to calmly discuss feelings and what happened that day Join a club or activity of interest to meet new people and learn new things at school Carry around a comfort item when anxious feelings arise Close eyes and count to 20 instead of screaming or fighting when angry If you’re worried about your child’s behavior, having him or her talk to a therapist is a great idea. The therapist can find out what is really bothering your child while also offering advice and coping techniques that work...

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Preplanning Your Own Funeral: How To Tell Your Family About Your Plans

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Have you chosen to plan your own funeral service, but are unsure of how to tell your loved ones about your future plans? If so, you are not alone. Many people struggle to breach the topic of their own death with loved ones out of fear of how they will react. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can help to make this difficult conversation just a bit easier. Tip: Take Advantage Of Funeral-Related Events Whether attending a funeral in person or simply watching a funeral-related episode of your favorite television show, these moments can provide you with the perfect opportunity to breach the subject of your own funeral. For instance, if you see something that you have included in your own funeral plans, you can take this opportunity to share with your family and friends just how moving you thought that part of the ceremony was and inform them that you have already included a similar feature in your own funeral plans. After learning that you have preplanned your own funeral service, your family and friends will likely respond with natural curiosity and begin asking you questions about the rest of your service and why you chose to plan your own funeral in advance. By allowing this conversation to happen naturally, you will be able to avoid any awkward moments that may come along with discussing such a sensitive topic. Tip: Limit The Information That You Provide If you are worried that your family will react poorly to a full blown conversation about your funeral services, remember, you can share the presence of a plan with them without divulging all of the details. For instance, you may simply wish to tell them that you don’t want them to worry about planning your funeral when the day comes, so you have chosen to take a proactive approach by planning your own funeral service. While you don’t want to bother them with the specifics, you simply want them to know where they can locate the information they will require when the time does come. Once you have provided them with the information regarding where they can find any documentation they will require, you can allow nature to take its course. If your family ever becomes curious, the door will be open for them to breach the subject again. However, if they never feel comfortable breaching the topic, you can still rest easy knowing that you have given them the gift of time to grieve without needing to worry about funeral plans. For more funeral planning tips, contact a company like Farone & Son...

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